Theo – One Month

Let’s just start off by saying it will be a miracle if I can A. complete these monthly posts for Theo, 2. complete his weekly pictures and C. complete his monthly photos.  See what I did there?  A. 2. C… That’s a little reflection of my mind these days.  All OVER the place.  I seriously can’t focus on anything for longer than 10 seconds.  Goldfish have more focus than me.  But I will do my best to get these done for Theo because he deserves it!  Ok let’s get down to business…

Theo’s One Month Stats
Weight: 10 lbs 10 oz
Length: 23″
Head: 37 cm

Theo’s birth stats are:
Weight: 7 lbs 1 oz
Length: 21″
Head: 34.5 cm

You can compare Caden’s one month stats here.

1 month COMPRESSED IMG_3019

 Fave pics from month one:

{get ready for picture overload!}








1 week check-up

One week check-up

One week check-up

image_1 copy

image copy

image_2 copy

first sponge bath

image copy 2

image_1 copy 2

image_2 copy 2

image copy 3

image_1 copy 3

image_2 copy 3

image_3 copy









image copy 4


Sept 25 – 15 days old – lost umbilical stump

image_1 copy 4

Sept 26 - First bottle!

Sept 26 – First bottle!

image_3 copy 2



Sept 28 – First bath


















Caden loves helping with ‘tuppy tine’

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Day 2 & 3 in the Hospital with Theo

Day 2

Day 2 started out early.  ;D  Baby boy was awake all night mostly.  But this time (compared to Caden) we had the nurses take him to the nursery twice.  I got some really good sleep!  Well as good as can be expected since people come into your room every hour.  But every time someone came in, my mouth was wide open so that’s a tell tale sign of a deep sleep for Erin.  :)  At one point, the nurse came in and had to shake my leg to wake me up. Haha.  Geez, let a girl sleep!

Brandon ran out and got us some delish coffee from Cafe Caturra and I got ready for the day.  Theo snoozed away.  I wanted to be ready for Bella Baby so that when they came we could have our pictures taken.  They came about mid- morning and the photographer had another photographer with her who was “training”.  I took that to mean she was training with Bella Baby, maybe shadowing the other photographer.  Well the new girl didn’t even know how to use a camera!?  The experienced photographer was telling her “you need to turn your ISO down, here is where you do that…”  I couldn’t believe she didn’t even know how to use a camera.  So after 45 minutes (they’re supposed to be 10 minute sessions, the batteries dying in new girls flash and her not knowing how to use one lens) the shoot was over.  Theo was a champ and just laid there the whole time.  When we got the photos back later that day, I already had low expectations.  Good thing because they weren’t good at all. There was no way I was paying $140 for those pictures!  We were planning on doing a photo shoot with our friend, Riette anyway so it wasn’t that bad.

All ready for Bella Baby pictures!

All ready for Bella Baby pictures!

We had lots of fun visitors come see us.

Phone Pictures thru July 16 20141Phone Pictures thru July 16 20142

Day 3- Discharge Day!!!

We woke up pretty early because we wanted to get home asap to see Caden!  We missed him SO MUCH.  I may have cried a few times.  We decided not to have him come to the hospital because of the enterovirus outbreak. Apparently about 20 patients were brought to the hospital where we were so we didn’t want to risk it with him. In hindsight, I’m really glad he didn’t come because when he first saw us and Theo, he was very apprehensive and not his bubbly/lovey dovey self.

Theo's first time outside, in his car seat and in a car!

Theo’s first time outside, in his car seat and in a car!


lil squirt

lil squirt

Just 3 days old sitting in his mamaroo waiting to meet his big brother and tobo (what Caden calls Toby).

Just 3 days old sitting in his mamaroo waiting to meet his big brother and tobo (what Caden calls Toby).

Theo meeting all of grandparents!

Theo meeting all of his grandparents!

First (not that great) picture of the four of us.

First (not that great) picture of the four of us.

After he warmed up, the kisses just kept coming!

After he warmed up, the kisses just kept coming!

Daddy's favorite baby holding position.  :)

Daddy’s favorite baby holding position. :)


C holding his brah-hur

C holding his brah-hur

Think I might lose the weight a tad bit quicker this time around.  Here's to hoping!

Think I might lose the weight a tad bit quicker this time around. Here’s to hoping!

Caden was excited to show off his lil bro to the Buff boys!

Caden was excited to show off his lil bro to the Buff boys!

Note how GIGANTIC his feet are!?!

Note how GIGANTIC his feet are!?!


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Welcome Theodore Ryan!

I am so excited to announce that we welcomed our second son, Theodore ‘Theo’ Ryan into the world on September 10, 2014 at 4:48PM.  He was 7lbs 1oz and 21 inches long.  His head was 34.5″ and waist 32.5″.  He decided to come 6 days early and I was definitely ok with that.  I was hoping he’d come a smidge early since his brother came 7 days early.  

This post is only day one.  I decided to break it up because there are just so many pictures!

I went into labor at 4:15AM on September 10.  Of course I wasn’t sure if I was really in labor but I was timing my contractions and they were coming non-stop for two hours.  We didn’t wait that long to head to the hospital though because my doctor thought my labor time would be cut in half – aka 4 hours long.  So after 45 minutes of contractions we called Brandon’s parents to come over and be here for Caden when he woke up.  My labor ended up being a little longer than Caden’s.  I labored from 4:15AM til 4:48PM.


This was taken the night I went into labor (39 weeks even)! So glad we got this pic of C.

We got to the hospital around 6AM and by the time I got to my room my contractions had severely slowed down/almost stopped.  When they checked me I was only 1CM (which is where I was the previous friday- 5 days earlier).  To say I was bummed was an understatement.  When we arrived at the hospital for Caden’s birth, I was already 6CM.  The nurses wanted me to bounce on the exercise ball or walk so I decided to bounce for 45 minutes.  Man was that exhausting!


This is me on the exercise ball. Look how thrilled I am!


They checked me again and NO PROGRESS.  I WAS SO BUMMED.  I didn’t have to do anything to  progress my labor with C.  So they said I should rest/try to sleep since I hadn’t slept since the night before.  My sleep was so awful during this pregnancy.  It normally took me between 3-5 hours to fall asleep.  So awful.  I would head to bed around 10:30 and wouldn’t fall asleep til 2/3AM.  (All you people who say ‘try to get as much rest as possible before the baby comes!’  PUHLEASE.  I am getting so much better rest/sleep now that he’s out.  haha.)  So I miraculously was able to take a little power nap in the hospital.  I woke up to my doctor coming in the room to check me.  I was SO happy to hear she was now on call from 8AM to 8PM.  The two previous doctors that were on call I hadn’t heard of so I was kind of bummed about that.  When she checked me I was 4CM!  She was about to send me home but since I was 4CM we decided to get the party started.

Brandon was down in the cafeteria getting breakfast with my bro and sis-in-law who had just arrived from Raleigh.  I called B and said I’m 4CM!  When they got to the room, the nurses suggested I keep walking to keep things progressing.  So we walked and walked…



Time went on and I tried several different things to progress labor before starting any pitocin (my doctor was in emergency surgery and the nurses didn’t want me to be ready to push and not have her available.).  I bounced on the ball some more, we walked some more and I even used a pump to try to get my contractions to progress. The pump was the most crucial thing we did, I think, because I was able to get colostrum both times.  Which meant when I nursed Theo for the first time he was able to drink right away.  I will definitely do that for future pregnancies when I’m in labor.

Here is Steph listening to a woman giving birth in the other room.  There was a lot of screaming, haha!

Here is Steph listening to a woman giving birth in the other room. There was a lot of screaming, haha!

So around 3pm, my nurse had just hooked up the pitocin and my contractions started to go into full force.  The thing is the pitocin never actually got into my body.  My body must have sensed the pitocin and thought it better get to work.  ;)  Oh my goodness my contractions were so PAINFUL.  We had ordered an epidural as soon as the pitocin was ordered.  We were told it was supposed to be 15-30 minutes until I got the epidural but it ended up being over an hour because the anesthesiologist had an emergency.  By the time the anesthesiologist got to my room my contractions were so bad I couldn’t even sit up.  So I had to lay on my side while he hooked me up.  I had so many contractions while he was giving me the epidural and I really felt like I had to push.  I was praying outloud, pleading with God to make the epidural work NOW!  I have SO much respect for women who give birth without epidurals… I just can not imagine giving birth without one.

Dr. Hirata came in the room and it was go time!  The epidural had kicked in and I was ready to push.  Brandon asked Dr. H if he could “participate in a major way” for the delivery.  She said ‘of course!’  So she got him some gloves and Brandon basically delivered the baby by himself with her instruction!  I think I pushed through 3 contractions and he was out!

EDIT-2418 compressed


First picture of the three of us!




Adoring daddy

EDIT BW-2466 compressed

My awesome birth team.  Dr. H, Brandon, (me and T), my nurse Kim and Amy

My awesome birth team. Dr. H, Brandon, (me and T), my nurses Kim and Amy.

EDIT-2490 compressed

EDIT-2492 compressed

Aunt Teppi

Aunt Teppi

Uncle Adam

Uncle Adam



EDIT-2506 compressed


Just staring at his baby


Birth is exhausting.

Sleepy boys

Sleepy boys




Hair. So much. His hair isn’t really this curly, this was pre-bath.


A thumb sucker!?

A thumb sucker!?


And that’s the end of day one with our Theo!  Hopefully we’re not celebrating Theo’s first birthday before I get the day two post out.  ;)


Be sure to check out Theo’s Weekly Photos for his weekly pix!

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